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Defensive Driving Education Class

Some restrictions do apply. Eligibility and restrictions are as follows:

  • You may only attend a class one time during a twelve-month period. If you receive additional citations during that twelve-month period, you will NOT be eligible to attend again.
  • If you have a CDL (Commercial Drivers License- Class A, B, or C) you are NOT eligible to attend the Defensive Driving Class.
  • Citations issued for Financial Responsibility are NOT eligible for Defensive Driving Class.

Once you are declared eligible, prior to your court date you must come to the Elizabethton Police Department located at 525 East F Street, Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM. At the time of registration you must pay a fee of $125.00 (fee subject to change) and you will be provided a class date and time. Upon successfully completing the class, the fine and court cost of the citation will be waived and you will not need to take any further action. The citation will be taken to court on your behalf with a request for dismissal. Once the dismissal is granted, the citation will not appear on your driving record.

Directions to Defensive Driving Class